NEET 2018 preparation in 3 Months


It is the dream for every 12th PCB student to get admission in renowned medical college. For that, you should score above 350 (minimum) in NEET Examination. So, you have to appear in NEET examination and score high to compete and get a seat among thousands of seats in MBBS.

NEET preparation in 3 months:
CBSE conducts NEET on 10th of May 2018. So, students start panicking about medical entrance exam from December/January. The first thing to keep in mind in such situation is to keep calm and start preparing for NEET examination.

In NEET Champion, we have divided the preparations to evaluate yourself for NEET in 3 months. The steps are:

1.  Subject wise topics covered from NEET syllabus.
2 . Analyze yourself on where you stand among other students.
3. Improve yourself on the subjects / chapters where you lack.
4. Practice Sample papers & Mock Exams.
5. Experts advice on how to improve and where to improve.


Evaluate yourself for NEET 2018 in 3 months

1. Subject wise topics covered from NEET syllabus:
Syllabus of NEET exam has not changed for years now. If you are preparing for medical entrance exam which based on CBSE syllabus, then Physics, Chemistry & Biology is fine to get prepared.

2. Analyze yourself on where you stand among other students:
We aligned the Learning Platform with Sample Papers from the past 30 years AIPMT/NEET for the NEET 2018 to improve your confidence.  Once you start practicing,  you will know where your stand among other students. This will obviously help you to improve your preparation to be the best through NEET Champion.

3. Improve yourself on the subjects / chapters where you lack:
NEET exam pattern suggest there will be 180 questions, each of 4 marks. So, maximum mark you can score in NEET is 720. To get high mark in NEET, speed & accuracy is very important.

Speed – Choose from the choice of answers for a question within the given time.
Accuracy – No of questions you solve with right choices should be high.

4. Practice Sample papers & Mock Exams:
NEET mock exam is always available online. You should complete at least 2 practices in a day and 1 mock exam in a week.

Try the following to Practice through NEET Champion:
1) Set an alarm for 3 hours,
2) Select the Subject / Chapter of your choice in Learning Platform.
3) Start to practice the tests in chosen chapters.
4) Initially, Solve the questions you are familiar with and leave the questions you are doubtful.
5) As soon as 3 hours end, stop the test.
6) Now evaluate yourself on the questions you didn’t solve.
7) Analyze your strength & weakness with the reports from our Learning Platform.

5. Experts advice on how to improve and where to improve:
We provide you the option to choose the expert tutor of your choice for a wholesome learning experience. They will guide you on how to improve and where to improve in your preparation through NEET Champion.

Do you want to know where you stand for NEET 2018?

                                                  Tips to crack NEET 2018

In last three months before a NEET exam, you can ensure that you cover all the topics of NEET. If you complete them, then solve at least 10 Year question paper of AIPMT/NEET.

For high speed & accuracy following tips are helpful:
1. Do correct calculation.
2. Revise short notes few days before NEET Exam.
3. Analyse NEET preparation every few days.

Develop ability to solve multiple choice questions:
NEET is a pen-and-paper based test. All questions in NEET exam are multiple choice questions. You should read all the question, solve it, mark the correct answer in OMR sheet.

Time Management:
Time management is the most important aspect of exam preparation. Without proper time management, studying will not benefit you much because you won’t be able to organize your syllabus with the amount of time you have. so, plan before you start your preparation.

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Tips to Crack the NEET Exam

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the most talked about undergraduate entrance examination that is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. A deciding test for several medical aspirants, the test brings with it the age old excitement as well as a new sense of anxiety as students prepare to face the NEET. In the process of preparation students are absorbed to any talk of tips and tricks that can assist them in clearing the entrance. In view of the need of the hour a few tips have been leaved to assist students in their preparation.

Know your exam: Details such as important dates, syllabus covered, the different sections and which abilities are tested, the pattern format, the division of marks and the negative marking system will help you plan for the preparation time.

Know the important topics: The important topics that you should be thorough with in Physics – a) Mechanics & Electrodynamics, b) Mechanical properties of matter and c) Heat & Thermodynamics, Optics, Modern Physics, Oscillation and Waves are easy topics but the questions asked are usually more formula or direct theory based with less of concepts; Chemistry – a) Physical, b) Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and Coordination compounds, c) Name reactions in Organic chemistry are extremely important so ensure that you do them thoroughly along with sufficient examples and d) Stoichiometry (find quicker methods for these topics); Botany – a) Plant kingdom and genetics and for Zoology – a) Human reproduction and evolution.

Practice: When it comes to calculations the best way to develop confidence it nothing else but our old method practice, practice and then practice some more until and unless you are able to get the right answer. The more you solve sums with the formula the better you will remember them.

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Balance your time efficiently: You need to form a time table and allot a certain amount of time to the topics and subjects that you find difficult so that you can focus more on such topics.

Know which topics to learn when: Don’t learn a new topic just before the exam or spend time on subjects that are difficult. Instead revise what you have already done and perfect these topics.

Use Memory improvement techniques: Try and make use of memory improvement method like Loci, form acronyms or rhymes to remember terms, revise and rehearse topics that you have completed.

Study Tips: Create flow charts, tree diagrams, drawings, pictures, charts etc. to remember important points. Make use of stick on notes by writing down the important key words.

Keep distractions away and avoid procrastination: It is important for you to not be distracted by social networking sites and phones when preparing for NEET exam.

Last but not the least Health Matters: It is important to ensure that you get enough rest, eat a balanced diet and most importantly exercise. It is important that you sleep in time, eat properly and exercise, if you wish to perform well in the examinations because both the body and the mind need to rest to function to its maximum potential.

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Tips on How to Prepare for Biology

Biology is the study of life and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. A great starting point while studying biology is to admire the perfection of nature and the principles of life.

TIP 1:

One of the difficult parts of studying biology is remembering the different terms. If you want to understand what you are studying, then you need to familiarize yourself with all the terms. The best way is to try and break down the complex words to identify their root.

It is suggested that whenever you come across unfamiliar words while studying biology you should take note of them, find it’s definition and take time to understand its roots.

TIP 2:

To follow a method of effective learning for biology, you must master the general concepts before being able to take on specific ones. For instance, you need to understand what factors recognize a mammal before starting the factors that identify primates.

It is also better to study the processes thoroughly before going to the next level. To speed up the memorization of the different processes and their relationship, Mind Maps are an effective educational resource for students as they help organize information in a very easy and visual way.

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How to Study for NEET 2017?

There is nothing extra ordinary that you have to do. The preparation for NEET should be the same as you do for AIPMT.

Students who are distressed about the change in the syllabus of NEET and their state CET. The best way is to follow books that are recommended like NCERT or AIPMT.

Tips for NEET – Subject Wise

Physics:- Apart from good books like HC Verma for physics, it is advisable to follow a coaching material as it especially designed for entrance preparation.

Take up problems that is related to theoretical physics to daily life. Your analytical skills will be tested in solving the questions.

For Chemistry & Biology:

Learn from NCERT books. These are suggested books for NEET.

NCERT books, practice tests, doubt removals, revising topics, solving questions every day, maintaining speed and accuracy, and regular coaching classes for the next 1 year are some of the important things which you need to follow to pass NEET 2017.

There will be a huge number of students who will apply for NEET 2017 as it will be the only to enter medical colleges. The competition will get difficult but the good thing is you will be eligible for admission in all colleges without worrying about multiple state medical entrances.

As a medical aspirant aiming for NEET 2017, don’t wait any more. Start your NEET preparation journey now!

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The Best Strategy to Help You Prepare for NEET

Everybody is busy gushing through their textbooks and guides, referring to notes, studying into the night, and sitting at their desk, sucking on pencils and trying to memorise all the formulae. You wouldn’t find anyone chatting with their friends or watching television. Isn’t it nice to see everyone busy? At this crucial time, it is important to have some tips to crack NEET 2017.

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