How Should State Board Students prepare for NEET

NEET Exam:

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) follows the syllabus laid down by NCERT, it is very important to know that even State Board students can crack if given the right guidance and motivation.

If you are a state Board student and giving the NEET, the chance is high that people around you like teachers, parents, friend, and even the media will talk about how the NEET exam is tough and highly competitive and out of bounds of State Board students.

Be away from these negative points and keep a positive mindset at all times.

In this blog post, we cover up many important points/challenges that students can and should overcome.

Know what needs to be done:

NEET is more competitive than State Board CETs. But State Board students can definitely crack this NEET examination, provided they know what needs to be done.

Cracking 600 + is not easy – it requires practice, time and many more factors. But still, it is important to remember that anybody can crack NEET if given enough time and practice.

The perfect combination of Books:

The combination of books is very important for you to succeed in this exam. You need a textbook and an MCQ book for each subject.

The Best Combination of Books is N.C.E.R.T.(or textbook) + 1 Advanced Book.

You may also refer your state textbooks instead of N.C.E.R.T since they have adapted the N.C.E.R.T. curriculum. Your textbook is going to be your source of basics and your basics should be strong. So, you are going to use the textbook for strengthening your basics. For topics not included in your state textbook, use the internet.

NEET Exam Pattern:

One of the important techniques to crack NEET Examination is understanding the NEET exam pattern.

Every Exam has a different style to it regarding mode, duration, type of questions etc. Knowing how the exams are conducted is an excellent way to prepare for NEET 2018.

Mock Test:

Attempt mock tests throughout the preparation phase, and especially during the last couple of weeks. It can help you to manage your time very effectively during the test. In fact, mock tests can also help you to evaluate the level of your preparation and identify the weaker areas. Aim for speed test and full-length test as you need to excel in both.

Revise All Shortcuts:

You should develop a habit of revising all the shortcuts, theorems and formulas during the final 2 weeks before your NEET examination. This can help you to retain those formulas in your memory and would assist you to solve problems quickly.

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