How To Revise NEET syllabus In 1 Month

No matter how much time you have left for the exam, there are always 5 basic steps you need to complete in order to crack NEET exam. The following steps will guide you how to revise NEET syllabus in 1 month:

  • Learn basic concepts thoroughly

  • The right study material

  • Relentless practice

  • Regular mock tests

  • Previous year papers

Learn basic concepts thoroughly:

Concepts are to be understood, not mugged up. Clearly understand all the important NEET concepts. This will help you to score high in NEET examination.

The right study material:

Looking back at the NEET previous year question papers, almost 80%-90% of the questions are derived from NCERT books. They are the best books for NEET preparation and it is recommended that you stick to revising them thoroughly instead of moving on to more advanced books.

Relentless practice:

Practicing NEET questions will help you improve your test-taking skills. You will be able to tell whether you are answering each question within the ideal time or over time, and how many wasted attempts you commit, whether from lack of knowledge or carelessness.

Previous year papers:

No exam revision is complete without having a go at the previous year papers. This will help you get a taste and feel of what the real test will be like.

Regular mock tests:

After all the studying, practicing and revising, it is always good to test yourself. Take regular NEET mock tests on the personalized platform will help you evaluate your performance. You will know exactly where your weaknesses are and how to improve on them.

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