Last Minute preparation tips for NEET

Most of the students are busy in going through notes, studying whole night and memorize the formula.

Is this the right way to prepare for NEET?

Take the last minute preparation tips for NEET Examination.

1. Know Syllabus Well:

The syllabus of NEET is so vast. As the competition is so tough, you should go through the topics thoroughly.

2. Stay focused on NCERT:

The best way to clear the NEET exam is NCERT (National Counsil Of Educational Research and Training). Because, NCERT syllabus is based on NEET Exam. You can also compare the NEET syllabus with 12th board exam.

3. Write down important formulae:

You should learn all the important formulae and practice it by writing. Revise the formulae frequently as much as possible.

4. Don’t take up new topics:

Never look up for the new topics at the last time. You should be completely done with all your preparation by that time.

5. Focus more on diagrams / Graphs:

Graphs and diagrams plays a very important role to revise the inter related concepts during short period of time and this helps you when revising the biology section.

6. Practice from previous question paper:

Always keep in mind that you have to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes. That means you only have one minute to answer the question. So, solving the papers will help you in managing the time. It also helps you to know about strong and weak areas.

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