NEET 2018 preparation in 3 Months

It is the dream for every 12th PCB student to get admission in renowned medical college. For that, you should score above 350 (minimum) in NEET Examination. So, you have to appear in NEET examination and score high to compete and get a seat among thousands of seats in MBBS.

NEET preparation in 3 months:
CBSE conducts NEET on 10th of May 2018. So, students start panicking about medical entrance exam from December/January. The first thing to keep in mind in such situation is to keep calm and start preparing for NEET examination.

In NEET Champion, we have divided the preparations to evaluate yourself for NEET in 3 months. The steps are:

1.  Subject wise topics covered from NEET syllabus.
2 . Analyze yourself on where you stand among other students.
3. Improve yourself on the subjects / chapters where you lack.
4. Practice Sample papers & Mock Exams.
5. Experts advice on how to improve and where to improve.


Evaluate yourself for NEET 2018 in 3 months

1. Subject wise topics covered from NEET syllabus:
Syllabus of NEET exam has not changed for years now. If you are preparing for medical entrance exam which based on CBSE syllabus, then Physics, Chemistry & Biology is fine to get prepared.

2. Analyze yourself on where you stand among other students:
We aligned the Learning Platform with Sample Papers from the past 30 years AIPMT/NEET for the NEET 2018 to improve your confidence.  Once you start practicing,  you will know where your stand among other students. This will obviously help you to improve your preparation to be the best through NEET Champion.

3. Improve yourself on the subjects / chapters where you lack:
NEET exam pattern suggest there will be 180 questions, each of 4 marks. So, maximum mark you can score in NEET is 720. To get high mark in NEET, speed & accuracy is very important.

Speed – Choose from the choice of answers for a question within the given time.
Accuracy – No of questions you solve with right choices should be high.

4. Practice Sample papers & Mock Exams:
NEET mock exam is always available online. You should complete at least 2 practices in a day and 1 mock exam in a week.

Try the following to Practice through NEET Champion:
1) Set an alarm for 3 hours,
2) Select the Subject / Chapter of your choice in Learning Platform.
3) Start to practice the tests in chosen chapters.
4) Initially, Solve the questions you are familiar with and leave the questions you are doubtful.
5) As soon as 3 hours end, stop the test.
6) Now evaluate yourself on the questions you didn’t solve.
7) Analyze your strength & weakness with the reports from our Learning Platform.

5. Experts advice on how to improve and where to improve:
We provide you the option to choose the expert tutor of your choice for a wholesome learning experience. They will guide you on how to improve and where to improve in your preparation through NEET Champion.

Do you want to know where you stand for NEET 2018?

                                                  Tips to crack NEET 2018

In last three months before a NEET exam, you can ensure that you cover all the topics of NEET. If you complete them, then solve at least 10 Year question paper of AIPMT/NEET.

For high speed & accuracy following tips are helpful:
1. Do correct calculation.
2. Revise short notes few days before NEET Exam.
3. Analyse NEET preparation every few days.

Develop ability to solve multiple choice questions:
NEET is a pen-and-paper based test. All questions in NEET exam are multiple choice questions. You should read all the question, solve it, mark the correct answer in OMR sheet.

Time Management:
Time management is the most important aspect of exam preparation. Without proper time management, studying will not benefit you much because you won’t be able to organize your syllabus with the amount of time you have. so, plan before you start your preparation.

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