NEET 2018: Tips and tricks to score high

Since only few days are left for the NEET exam, you are advised to revise their syllabus for the examination.
You can also follow the preparation tips and tricks given below:

  • Prepare a study plan and divide your timing for –
    i) revision of exam syllabus;
    ii) mock test practice; and
    iii) analysis of errors.
  • Spend about 14 hours every day on studies but don’t forget to take small breaks in between. Proper preparation will not only reduce the stress caused by indiscipline but will also provide ample time to revise the syllabus of exam.
  • Divide your time based on subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology and solve their MCQs. Take up mock-tests and complete it within the time frame of three hours.
  • After every mock test, analyze your own performance. Take notes of weak topics and work on them during revision time.
  • Do some light physical exercises or yoga or meditation to reduce stress and stay calm & refreshed.
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