NEET candidates have only 3 attempts

The National-Eligibility-cum-Entrance-Test (NEET) has introduced limitations to the number of times applicants can write the paper and the age limit of the candidates. Henceforth, candidates can write their papers only thrice and cannot be more than 25 years of age, which is quite an unexpected twist to the NEET exam which had no limits on the number times the aspirants can write the exam and the age limit.

This rule has been implemented in order to decrease the number of older candidates competing with 17 year old students which the minimum age to write the exam, and to prevent fraud and cheating. According to the information gathered from the Maharashtra directorate of medical education and research (DMER), the oldest candidate was 38 years of age and there were at least nearly 100 aspirants who were in their early 30’s.

This year, students have been anxiously waiting for the NEET 2017 notification, but which has been delayed for quite some time. The official website of NEET is currently unavailable as it is under construction. The All India Pre Medical (AIMPT) was replaced by NEET exam in 2016 which used to take place every year during the month of May. It has been made compulsory for admissions in all-India medical and dental colleges.

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