NEET Online Mock test series 2018

There’s only 3 months left for NEET UG 2018!!

Take a Mock test & practice test to improve your NEET preparation

NEET Mock Test:

Students feel that solving questions from different books is enough for good preparation. But, is it really Enough?

At NEET Champion, You can take 1 Mock Test & 5 practice Test for FREE!!

NEET Mock test from NEET Champion is similar to the actual exam in every Aspects!!

We have a few points here to explain the importance of mock test & practice test. Spend 5 minutes to read this!!

Help to improve in the weak topics:

Mock tests give you a better idea of which subjects or topics need your attention. You might feel you understand the concept but you are unable to answer questions using that concept. It’s important to solve questions using different concepts to get a better understanding of your preparation.


Mock tests and sample papers also prove to be great for revision. Once you are done with understanding the topics, it’s time to put your knowledge to use. Revise your syllabus by solving mock tests.

Time Management:

With the help of mock tests, you also learn how to manage your time during the main exam. Since the pattern is the same, you can manage time to make sure that you don’t fall short of time on the main day and still left with enough time to revise.

Better understanding of the paper:

Test series & sample papers also give you a better understanding of the structure, difficulty level and pattern of the main paper. You should try to solve at least 3 mock tests every week so you understand what you are actually preparing for.

NEET Mock Test with NEET Champion:

We are here to guide the NEET aspirants who subscribe with us!!

In practice Test, Aspirants can take subject / Chapter wise test to know their NEET preparation level. We have more than 5,00,000 questions which includes,

  • Biology     -38 Chapter – 60 Questions each – Random questions each attempt
  • Chemistry-31 Chapter – 50 questions each – Random questions each attempt
  • Physics     -28 chapter – 50 Questions each – Random questions each attempt

Mock tests are pretty useful, don’t you think? If you are looking for the best test series which can enhance your preparation, register with  NEET Champion.

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