NIOS students face Technical Glitches in filling NEET Online Form



Open school students were unable to complete the NEET application process as the website asked them to fill in details such as the year they passed class XI and the name of the school and its address where they were enrolled.

NEET Application Form submission error:

Many of the applicants said they tried to proceed without filling the details of class XI but were prevented from submitting the NEET application form.

Official Announcement:

NIOS official termed the problem as “Technical Glitch” and working on it. Finally, they announced that the NIOS students can fill only their class XII details in the box and system should accept.

NEET Entrance Exam 2018: Open school students face form hurdle

How to submit NEET Application Form:

Under the information of Class 11, CBSE has asked open school students to provide details of School/ College name, State and district where it is located, year of passing (which should be one year before the passing of Class 12) and place of study. NEET (UG) 2018, aspirants may submit details as suggested below under the information of class XI:


Last date for NEET application form submission:

NEET 2018 registration will continue until 9 March 2018. CBSE will conduct NEET 2018 on 6 May 2018.

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NEET Champion’s National Mock Test for NEET 2018


NEET exam 2018:

You all know that 12th board examination has started from March 1st, 2018. NEET examination will be held on May 6, 2018. There would be 2 months for your NEET preparation as well. Start to improve your preparation with NCE (National Competitive Exam ) through NEET champion.

What is NCE:

NCE is open to all NEET 2018 Aspirant of CBSE, State board and other boards who are studying or have completed 12th standard. Every student appearing for this Mock test will be given 7 days FREE access to an online practice test series.
Once the NCE is over, students will know where they stand in NEET preparation. NEET Champion will also issue All India Ranking (AIR) & State Ranking for the students who appear for NCE.

National  Competitive Exam – 9th Apr 18 to 14th Apr 18

Why Take NCE Through NEET Champion:

We offer best benefits to the NEET Aspirants to build their career strong. The benefits are:
1. 5,00,000+ questions with past 30 years solved papers
2. Weekly Mock Test
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5. Comparative analysis among other students

NEET Champion packages:

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Our packages are:

  • 7 days FREE subscription – 5 Practice Test + 1 Mock Exam
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NEET Aspirant Conference (NAC):

NEET Champion will conduct an E-Conference, NEET ASPIRANTS CONFERENCE (NAC) & feedback session for NCE Participants on 15th April 2018.
Session 1: National level conference on “How to Crack NEET 2018”
Session 2: Students who appeared for NAC will get detailed feedback & analytical reports on their Strengths / Weaknesses and the areas where they need to focus on.

NEET Aspirant Conference – 15th Apr 2018


1. All India Ranking (AIR)
2. State Ranking (3 Ranks/State)
3. Participant Certificate
4. Gift Coupons or Cash Awards
5. Global E-conference
6. Feedback from industry experts

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Improve NEET score with NCE through NEET champion


Why Mock test with NCE:
The mock test is the most effective method of evaluating your current preparation level and re- strategies for your future preparation plans. It also makes you familiar with the question types.

How to best utilize mock tests:
According to experts and topper, your method of taking a mock test will determine your performance on the final day. Following points share the test-taking methods to apply during your mock tests. Take at least 3 to 4 mock tests in a week and analyze them whenever you have the time. Make sure you have at least a day’s gap in between two mocks so that you can work on your mistakes and improve them.

What after taking mocks?
You need to analyze your performance and prepare accordingly. If needed, you may change your preparation strategy as well. Get your mock tests analyzed by your mentor or seniors. Please ensure you do the following:

1. Analyse Your Performance:
An analysis is the most important task of taking the mock tests. Mock exams provide an insight into your preparations and help you focus on key strategic points like performance, strengths, speed, technique, and pattern of questions. A considerable time should be spent in analyzing the performances thereafter. Focus on your strengths and decide on a time management strategy.

2. Don’t be bogged down by the fluctuation of scores:
Your scores in mock tests are not the exact reflection of your performance or NEET preparation. If you take three mock tests in a week, you may score 3 absolutely different marks.

3. Note your error type and change your strategy:
If you are observing any particular pattern or mistake in the mock tests, it would be fairly easier for you to rectify it after identifying the cause of the error. In the last week prior to the NEET Exam, try to take a full-length mock test every day. Treat it as your rehearsal before the final show. You will not only be well prepared with the sections and topics, but you’ll be able to sit through 170 minutes straight without losing focus on the questions.

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Steps to understand the NEET Exam Pattern


One of the important techniques to crack NEET Examination is understanding the NEET exam pattern.

Every Exam has a different style to it regarding mode, duration, type of questions etc. Knowing how the exams are conducted is the best way to prepare for NEET 2018.

NEET Exams which are conducted by CBSE as National Level Medical Entrance Examination requires good preparation.

To prepare for the NEET Exam, should understand the pattern carefully, examine the preparation techniques:

  • Mode of Examination – Offline
  • Duration – 3 Hours
  • Medium – English & Select regional language
  • Type of Question – MCQ
  • Total no of Questions – 180
  • Total Marks – 720
  • Marking scheme – Every correct answer 4 Marks awarded; Every wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted.

Using a few tricks mentioned below, one can easily crack the NEET Examination.

1. Study all Important topics:

Since the questions are multiple choice, it is essential to be aware of the entire syllabus. Not preparing even for one topic can cost you the exam as the questions are in random with negative marking system.

2. Sharpen your analytical Skills:

MCQ is all about picking the right answer, one must be intelligent about  picking the right choice. Sometimes all of the options provided can look overly similar to one another thus confusing the students. It should be noted that analyzing each option and grasping their actual meaning is the secret to scoring higher marks in an MCQ examination.

Give Your Best!! Choose Your Best!!

3. Start preparation in Advance:

Last minute preparation for an exam like NEET is not advisable. Starting the learning process at least three months in advance is an excellent place to be in, as students can familiarize themselves with topics and prepare using past question papers.

4. Practice with previous year question paper & Mock Paper:

Practice with last year question paper and taking mock test helps the NEET aspirants to understand the exam pattern, as well as kind of question, asked at NEET examination.

NEET Champion also offers mock test papers and students can know where they stand among other students.

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Do’s and Don’ts To crack NEET 2018


With just 2 months left for the NEET Exam 2018, a lot of things must be running in your mind. This blog represents a list of do’s and don’ts one must follow to crack NEET 2018.

Do’s To Crack NEET 2018

1. Create a Real-time Schedule:

List down the topics that are to be asked in the exam. Plan the schedule and follow it strictly.

2. Pay attention to Strong & Weak areas:
This is the right time to assess your preparation levels for NEET 2018 and allocate time to tackle those areas where you face difficulty. Pay attention to weaker segments and solve as many test papers as possible to crack those difficult portions.

3.Follow 5R’s Strategy:
5R’s strategy stands for Reading, Remember, Revision, Review, and Result. This is the best way to crack NEET 2018.

4. Join the Mock Test Series:
Taking mock test will help to strengthen your preparation method and build high confidence levels. Students will be able to analyze their scores and reduce errors as well. Mock tests help students to evaluate the time spent on each section.

Don’ts To crack NEET 2018

1. Do not learn new techniques and shortcuts:
Do not try to learn new techniques or shortcuts in this short span of time which can lead to confusion. Instead, use this time to strengthen the NEET preparation.

2. Do not postpone:
Postpone is your biggest enemy on the path to success. Follow the schedule as mentioned in your timetable. Start your preparation at the right time. Therefore, it is advised not to waste time. Do not postpone the required preparation. Abide by your timetable for fruitful results.

3. Do not lose confidence:
Do not lose your confidence due to the poor scores in the exam. This may have a negative effect on the preparation and performance. Every student should give their best shot without worrying about the final results.


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NEET Mock test through NEET Champion


NEET Champion conducts free NATIONAL COMPETITIVE EXAM (NCE) from 9th April 2018 to 14th April 2018. It is a mock test for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

National Competitive Exam (NCE):

This test is open for all NEET – 2018 Aspirant of CBSE, State board and other boards who are studying or have completed 12th standard. Every student appearing for this Mock test will be given 7 days FREE access to an online practice test series.  Once the exam is over, students will know where they stand in NEET preparation. NEET Champion will also issue All India Ranking (AIR) & State Ranking for the students who appear for NCE and certificates will be issues for the participation in the E-Conference.

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National Aspirants conference (NAC):

NEET Champion will conduct an E-Conference, NEET ASPIRANTS CONFERENCE (NAC) & feedback session for NCE Participants.

Session 1:  National level conference on How to crack NEET 2018.

Session 2:  Students who appeared for NAC will get detailed feedbacks & analytical report of their Strengths / Weaknesses and the areas they need to focus on.

 NEET Aspirants have another wonderful opportunity to evaluate themselves on their NEET Preparation. If you wish to know how, subscribe with NEET Champion…

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NEET Online Mock test series 2018


There’s only 3 months left for NEET UG 2018!!

Take a Mock test & practice test to improve your NEET preparation

NEET Mock Test:

Students feel that solving questions from different books is enough for good preparation. But, is it really Enough?

At NEET Champion, You can take 1 Mock Test & 5 practice Test for FREE!!

NEET Mock test from NEET Champion is similar to the actual exam in every Aspects!!

We have a few points here to explain the importance of mock test & practice test. Spend 5 minutes to read this!!

Help to improve in the weak topics:

Mock tests give you a better idea of which subjects or topics need your attention. You might feel you understand the concept but you are unable to answer questions using that concept. It’s important to solve questions using different concepts to get a better understanding of your preparation.


Mock tests and sample papers also prove to be great for revision. Once you are done with understanding the topics, it’s time to put your knowledge to use. Revise your syllabus by solving mock tests.

Time Management:

With the help of mock tests, you also learn how to manage your time during the main exam. Since the pattern is the same, you can manage time to make sure that you don’t fall short of time on the main day and still left with enough time to revise.

Better understanding of the paper:

Test series & sample papers also give you a better understanding of the structure, difficulty level and pattern of the main paper. You should try to solve at least 3 mock tests every week so you understand what you are actually preparing for.

NEET Mock Test with NEET Champion:

We are here to guide the NEET aspirants who subscribe with us!!

In practice Test, Aspirants can take subject / Chapter wise test to know their NEET preparation level. We have more than 5,00,000 questions which includes,

  • Biology     -38 Chapter – 60 Questions each – Random questions each attempt
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  • Physics     -28 chapter – 50 Questions each – Random questions each attempt

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