The Best Strategy to Help You Prepare for NEET

Everybody is busy gushing through their textbooks and guides, referring to notes, studying into the night, and sitting at their desk, sucking on pencils and trying to memorise all the formulae. You wouldn’t find anyone chatting with their friends or watching television. Isn’t it nice to see everyone busy? At this crucial time, it is important to have some tips to crack NEET 2017.

Exam preparation for any exam especially NEET will only work if you have a good plan of action and an evaluation plan. A strategy that will help you do your best in the preparation for NEET is given below:

To prepare for the NEET exam you must make a note about all the necessary exam details like the exam pattern, curriculum, topic-wise distribution of marks and time duration. This will give you an idea about the important concepts so that you can prepare for your NEET exams.

Plan an effective study plan

Time is precious. We all know this, yet many ambitious students fail to make the proper use of time and take a plunge. Goal setting can be used as a plan of action to help aspirants to bring a positive changes into their lives. Plan for the week in beforehand and figure out chapters that you need to prepare from the beginning.


1. Understand your weaknesses and change them into strengths.

2. Take up to the concept of studying in a methodical way like you did in your 11th standard.

3. Write down important formulae and equations while studying.

4. Once you have completed the chapter, try the sample questions based on it.

This is the best way to judge if you have learnt the concepts well or you need to improve.

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