Why Mock Tests Are Important For NEET Preparation ?

NEET Aspirants should take the mock tests in order to develop a strong grounding in the concepts and the theories. A mock test helps in managing the available time and recognize the areas they are lagging.

Why Mock Test?

The mock test is the most important method of assessing your preparation level and change the preparation strategy of the areas that you are lagging behind. A mock test also helps in familiarizing the exam pattern and time management strategy.

Therefore, you must start taking the mock exams to evaluate your NEET preparation level. Solve every type of question, study all the topics, make your basics strong and take as many as mock tests to identify and rectify your weak areas.

What after a Mock test?

After taking one mock test, it is advisable to take at least 2 to 3 days break to identify your shortcomings and re-strategizing your NEET preparation accordingly. Students must also analyze the time taken to solve each question, which section took the maximum time to solve, which section he/she has found easiest, the hardest one and what is their accuracy level.

Analyse these aspects and try to change the style of attempt in order to achieve the maximum accuracy level. It is also recommended to get your mock test analyzed by your mentors or seniors.

Here are some pointers to be followed by taking the Mock Tests:


After attempting the Mock Test, it is highly advisable to analyze your performance. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, total time taken to solve each section and finally check whether your mistakes are the result of lack of focus or lack of concentration or lack of conceptual clarity.

Note your weak areas and re-strategize your preparation:

If you are making any mistake in particular section or topic then you need to rectify it after identifying the reasons for the mistake. At times, a thorough study needs to be done on that particular topic or you can also discuss it with your mentors and friends in order to get a better understanding of the topic in which you are weak.

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